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No. 6 Trap
The No. 6 is unbelievably large.  Its weight is a whopping 48 lb., and it is 46" long with a jaw spread of 17". This size trap was used to catch the largest, most powerful bears.  The chain has swivel and a large ring just like the old traps. 
This trap commemorates the Americana Fur Company, which was second in size only to Hudson's Bay Company in the 1800's.  The pan reads "AMERICAN FUR AND TRADE COMPANY HBC No. 6."  The pan is so large it's like a small frying pan.

Due to the weather, time and the size of these traps, we will not be able to offer the rusty version of this trap.  If you want to rust your trap, soak it with salt water once or twice a day for up to two weeks until it's turned to the desired color.

No. 15 Trap
The pan on the No. 15 trap reads "
Denali Fur and Trade Co. HBC, No. 15"  This trap weighs 24 lb., and is 36" long with a jaw spread of 12". The cast jaws are offset and have teeth.  The heavy chain has a swivel and a large ring like the old traps.

Each trap has its own serial number.  The serial number is stamped on the right hand side of the frame.  The No. 6 starts with AFT and the No. 15 starts with DFT.

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15_Pan.jpg (327933 bytes)
No. 15 Pan
No-15.jpg (319267 bytes)
No. 15 Trap
6_Pan.jpg (341842 bytes)
No. 6 Pan

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